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25 kg/55.1 lb bag

Pricing is per bag


DDCsweet is a dry sweetening additive used in livestock feeds to improve feed palatability and encourage feed intake.


Good for Swine and Ruminant Animals


Proven benefits

  • Improve feed palatability with the unique pure sweetness.
  • Perfect synergy with other ingredients in complete feed.
  • Effectively encourage feed intake in weaning piglets, lactating sows, and growing pigs.
  • Minimize feed intake depression during feed transition and environmental stress.


Backed up with extensive research

  • Improve nursery piglet feed intake and weight gain. 
  • Reduce diarrhea. 
  • Reduce use of antibiotic treatments. 

Recommended usage

In complete feed: use at 80-200 g/tonne for swine and ruminants. 

Shelf life

18 months

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